Excerpt from Amber Wolf

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While Amazon provides a generous ‘Look Inside’ for the first chapters, I wanted to share an excerpt of one of my favorite scenes from Amber Wolf. Here, Petra is a little boy on an excursion in the woods with his father (the Lithuanian word for father is teti).

~Enjoy, Ursula Wong


One afternoon, they had walked through the forest until they found a clearing where they sat and ate lunch. Petra’s father stretched his legs out and closed his eyes.

“Can I go exploring, Teti?” Petra asked.

“No. Stay with me so you don’t get lost.”

“There’s nothing to do.”

“Take a nap.”

“I’m not sleepy. Please Teti. I won’t go far. Please?”

“You wear me down, son. You can explore the clearing while I close my eyes for a few minutes. Don’t go far.”

“Yes, Teti.”

Little Petra walked around the clearing, but there wasn’t much to see, except grass and weeds. The forest was more interesting. Teti’s head rested against the rock, his mouth open and eyes already closed. Petra took a few steps and listened for Teti’s voice telling him to come back, but all he heard was the wind shaking the leaves, and the birds singing. He ran up a hill behind a cluster of trees. The clearing where Teti slept was over his left shoulder. A tree grew out from under a large rock on his right. He climbed up on the rock, jumped, and made the tree shake. Petra climbed another tree and explored a bird’s nest. He walked along a rotten log, waving his arms for balance.

Everything in the woods was alive and exciting. When he realized he should be getting back, Petra didn’t know how. The clearing that had been over his left shoulder was gone. There were just gigantic trees moving toward him through the mist, as if they were going to capture him and take him away.

“Teti, where are you?”

No answer. Petra ran, hitting branches, barely breathing. He raced to the right. Teti wasn’t there. He ran to the left. He climbed a tree so he could see farther, but more trees surrounded him.

“Teti,” Petra cried. Wraiths, baubas, waited in the shadows to capture him and carry him off to their caves, where they would eat him. Petra ran. Branches and bushes cut his legs. Leaves lapped at his face. Tears blurred his sight.

Petra sank to his knees, sobbing, promising God that he’d be a good boy forever if only Teti found him. He heard a sound. It was nothing, just an animal. No, it was a voice. It was his name. Teti was calling for him!

Teti, over here!”

“Stay where you are.”

Petra leapt to his feet.

“Don’t move, Petra.”

Soon, Teti stood in front of him like a big friendly bear. Petra jumped into his father’s arms.

“It’s all right, little one. You’re safe now.”


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